Showcase the problems your clients not even realize are problems  (as it relates to what you solve).   

For example.... if you are guiding women to curating their style and surroundings in a way that reflects the women they are craving to become... your ideal clients may not even realize the importance of style and design.  They may think it's a luxury, not a necessity. 

First we educate on the problem, then we offer a solution to it.  

The first part of your about page is not actually about you- it is about YOU seeing THEM as it relates to the problem you solve and the unique way you solve it.

My routine held me captive.  I never missed a workout, a toilet scrub, a kale salad, a load of laundry, a meal prep, or a soccer practice.   

I was determined + committed... and DEAD inside. 

And here's the rub... changing any part of my routine felt like torture. I was afraid that my habits were a house of cards. Stop or change one, and my whole life would fall apart.

But as they say... when things appear to be falling apart, they are actually falling into place.

After marinating in meh for far too long, I decided to revere my life rather than resent it.

In other words, I became deliberate enough to care about how I feel.  And once I felt my feelings, I found my freedom.  The freedom to choose a new thought, to create a new feeling, to ultimately create a new reality.

You see we are not here to make do with what is.  We are here to be the creators of life, not the victims of it .

Pleasure was the priority- not a prisoner locked  behind a rigid routine.

For example.... Let's say you are a coach for women who are craving more beauty, self-expression, creativity & inspiration.  Your bio could read like this...

We are SO FREE we can choose bondage and often WE DO.  

Shortly after my second kiddo started kindergarten,  I noticed  I no longer enjoyed eating (as a self-proclaimed foodie this was weird),  I never saw my friends,  I rarely left my house except for pick-up & drop off, I lived in sweatshirts and spandex,  and my main goal every day was make it to the couch.

What happened to my vitality?   I use to comb Anthropologie's sale rack , vintage stores and Nordstrom's third floor for THE PERFECT PIECE to fit into my already curated closet.   I use to listen to music, read Emily Giffin books, put on mascara, and eat Sushi with my girlfriends every Friday.

This a BRIEF snippet about you. Share your bio as it intersects with your client's problem that you solve (generally this looks like your transformation story, or a unique skill/s you've had your entire life).